Industrial HOSES

Our hoses are made with the most modern European materials and the best flexible PVC components to withstand the greater demands of use.

They are produced under the highest standards of quality and raw materials 100% pure virgin. Flexible PVC hoses have extremely versatile surfaces and lead the market due to their most diverse applications in food, chemical , construction and agriculture industries, among others. Their lifetime is longer since they resist chemical actions , weathering, impacts and abrasions, which allows considerable savings.

High flexibility, easy handling and coupling , at present flexible PVC hoses offer many options for an optimized cost. Listed below are the types of hoses so that you can choose the most suitable for your needs
Atoxic Hoses
Multipurpose Hoses
Fumigation Hoses
Jack hammer Hoses
Gas Hoses (LP/bottled)
Gas welding hoses (acro-vinyl series)
PVC watering hoses
Hoses for milk industry
PVC plain sleeves
Crystal hoses
Water/Air hoses
Fabric-reinforced water hoses

Spiral Hoses:
Atoxic Highflex TEA
Water Suction-Exhaust hose
Anti-abrasive Air Suction-Exhaust hose - TAF

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